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How to Remove Mold from Clothes: All the Best Tips and Tricks

Clothes that smell like mold and have a little growth on them are not something you even want to have in your home — much less wear. Your first thought might be to get rid of moldy clothes quickly, but we want to tell you there's hope. In many cases, you can get mold out of clothing with a bit...

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How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

"Ugh! I just got taken to the cleaners!" This expression, meaning to get ripped off or overcharged for something, comes from the fact that dry cleaning — while at times necessary — can be expensive.  But anyone who complains about the cost of dry cleaning probably doesn't understand how it works. The dry cleaning industry definitely isn’t out to rip...

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How to Get That Annoying Oil Stain Out of Your Clothes

If you're reading this, you might have found yourself in a bad spot regarding oil and your outfit. Whether it’s cooking oil or motor oil, any type of oil stain can be extremely difficult to remove. And though oil stains might not seem like the worst type of stain compared to some of the more colorful options out there, they...

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How to Wash Silk

Silk looks wonderful and feels wonderful, whether used for clothing, bedsheets or something else entirely. Yet silk garments and linens are also expensive and difficult to maintain at times. This delicate fabric requires more care than most of the other fabrics we are used to, and many of us are scared to work with it because of how expensive it...

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How to Get Rid of Dishwasher Smells

There is a very specific reason you are reading this, and that is because you discovered something strange in your dishwasher. You don't really see anything, but there is a smell that just won't go away. It is some weird combination of dinner from the other night and a lot of dampness that you hope you would never have to...

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How to Remove Nail Polish Stains From Fabric

Shutterstock/Karana If you're reading this, you might be in a spot of trouble... That ‘spot’ being some spilled or smeared nail polish on your clothes or another piece of fabric you value. Unfortunately, nail polish can be one of the worst things to get on your clothes (or practically anything). It dries fast, leaves a noticeable mark, and nail polish...

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